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Thursday, August 4, 2011

should i leave?

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم 
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

idk. i dont really see a point to my blog anymore. plus i want to leave the online world right now completely and focus on find myself again. idk if this sounds weird but i feel like i dont really know who i am anymore. like i feel empty. i feel far away from allah. the blog isnt really a problem for me, but i just dont see a point to it anymore... idk. what do you think? have you been thru this before?


Elisa said...

Assalaamu alaykum!

I've been there before as well. If you decide to leave, you will be missed. Insha'Allah, you will feel that connection with Allah again. I will keep you in my dua's.

Iman (Lifes Balance Beam) said...

I Have definitely been through it, and i'm not completely over my phase either. I say do as you see fit. you don't have to cancel the blog, just make it so no one can see it, that way if you want to come back you can.

I completely know what you're feeling as far as finding yourself, and believe me it's something you need to do! figure out what you love and hate, what makes you happy and sad, what makes you, YOU. And more importantly, build a relationship and understanding with Allah.

Inshaallah I hope the rest of ramadan is fulfilling and helpful to you in your situation, and Inshaallah I will keep you in my du'a! You have a journey ahead of you, make it a good one inshaallah!

Salamualaikum xoxo

Shinee said...

I've been through this before and I'm still going through it! I think you should keep the blog, you could keep it private so that no none can see it. That way you won't lose watchers and if you feel like coming back you can! I think it's important to take a break and find out who you are, what you like,dislike and what makes you happy.
InshaAllah the rest of Ramadan is helpful for you and Allah will give you the answers you need.
- Shine

Amira said...

Iman Said it well. Hope you feel better inshallah.

Muslimah said...

Bubbli, I think you should do whatever is best for you love, dont be intimidated by that little voice that makes up some thing I call the 'devil ifs' (http://hijaabisrule.wordpress.com/2011/06/17/372/)
You do whatever you feel is right. If you feel your imaan is lacking, and blogger isnt helping much, I would advise you to stop blogging. However, as much as you feel down and want time to yourself, just remember that there are actually people reading you blog out there, and they benefit from what you post. If you post something with great benefit to the person, and they start doing something which earns them reward, and they spread it through their blog.. You will get their reward, and all the other people who look at your blog and learn something new. Think of the mountain of hasanaat you will get bi'idhnillahi ta'ala
~Think about it, maybe you can take a break for a while, and when you think you are strong enough to come back to this blog, come back. But dont delete or abandon it completley.
And obviously, it's your choice, so do whichever is the easiest to you.

Anonymous said...

I feel that I am going through this right now, and I love your blog!Well, if you leave and find your self again inshallah, then you can come back. Since your connection with Allah is more important than this blog So find yourself first and then if you want come back to the blog! :D

Good luck!


Karima said...

I hope you start feeling yourself soon, I think everyone or every woman goes through some bad times in their life, we are constantly challenged I think. I do hope you continue as I am a new follower of yours. Karima :)
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Karima said...

Eid Mubarak, Karima :)

musaafirul jannah said...

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi t3ala wa barakatuhu,
Im guessing your gone, but I hope to have you back soon inshaALLAH t3ala! You did make a great choice, Your relationship with ALLAH swt is always more important than your blog!
I hope you feel yourself at contentment soon!
btw I love your blog, and am following it!