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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random stuff: awards, dear little auntie..

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Recently i got two awards, one is "Your going places, Baby" which as you know already got before. but this time i got it from the girls at Symphonic Discord! But since i told you guys where i see myself in 10 years and passed the award on here i'm not gonna re-type that.

The other award i got is the "Cutest blog ever" award from Zarina Hassem! Jzk Allah sis =)

Also go check out Dear Little Auntie, its a really great blog.
I'm so tired right now so i'm not gonna go into detail but you stop being lazy and check it out!

~SubhanakAllahumma wa bihamdika, Ash-hadu an la ilaaha illa anta, astaghfiruka wa atoobu ilaik~

~How perfect You are O Allaah, and I praise You. I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except You. I seek Your forgiveness and turn to You in repentance~


Saba said...

Congratulations! I actually saw the Dear Little Auntie blog the other day from your blog. I really loved it! I forgot to add it onto my bloglist, but now I will, Insha'Allah! Thanks for the reminder.

Little Auntie said...

OMG, guys, you are really way to sweet. You don't know how 'surprised' I get whenever I see someone mentioning our little blog. So kind of you!! Saba, you, too <3

Jazakum Allah koli khair :D

Congrats on your awards, though, bubblez! Ma'shaAllah, keep your posts coming. I only found you recently but I think your blog is..very..nice and bubbly :D

Clandestine said...


Constructive Attitude said...

Congrats on all your awards :)

khadijah said...


Blue Pearl said...

Salaam alaikum dear one, Just dropping by to say رمضان كريم, May Allah make your fasts the fasts of those who fast sincerely, Inshallah. Barakallah feek

BubbliMuslima said...

aww thanks soooo muchhhhhh Blue Pearl <3, Ameen