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Friday, May 21, 2010

7 Random facts bout me -- tagged by Amira.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Asalamu Alaikum
Heres my 7 Random facts bout me post.
Tagged by Amira.

1.  I have lived (yes lived not just visited) in 10 different places so far.
2. I love collecting key chains, If i see one i like i gotta buy it, my keys are mostly filled with different key chains from different places.
3. I used to be a tomboy from age 5-10, my favorite things were soccer, and WWE smackdown. (i have 2 bros n 1 sis, but back then my sis was a lil baby so i mostly used to hang out with my bros and their friends, lol) Surprisingly now i love mostly girly things like pink, lipgloss, nail polish, etc.
4. My fave girl name is Fatima and my fave boy name is Ali.
5. My desktop computer is white, and my flashdrive is pink (random enough?) 
6. My fave number is 3.
7. I need to check whatever i did a couple times just to be sure, like if i take a test for school i have to check that i bubbled in the write answer like 5 times in order to go on. how weird is that?

Hope you guys liked it.
I tag: My Getaway, Skye, Texan in UAE, Heart&Soul, Qistina, Xenia, and Rene's bare essentials.

P.S. I would tag AlabasterMuslim but she has already been tagged by like 5 different people, do the post Al,  just do it, lol. 


Kanwalful said...

Hey! Salaam!

My favorite girl name is Fatima and favorite boy name is Ali too!!! =D

Nice blog. Followin' ya! =)

muslimah93 said...

1. Wow! I've probably just lived in two different houses, both in the same city! Lol. =)

4. I really like the name Fatima and Ali too! =)

6. Lol. 3? How come? =P

7. It's good to check over things! =P

myownpersonalrehab said...

hey apparently i am able to get onto your site

Amira said...

1. Wow thats awesome.
3. lol I dont know for how long I was a tomboy for but not so much anymore tho i'm still not into pink and very girly stuff.
4. aww mashallah I like those names
5. yes heh very.
Over all mashallah nice to learn more as always. thanks for doing the tag hun. xx

My Getaway said...

Thanks for the tag!! I like those names too, we have a lot of boys named Ali in our family.

Skye said...

Salaams sis
thanks for the tag omg 10 places wowwww!
I was a tomboy aswell I used to dress in super baggy clothes and like cars lol and masha'allah I love the names Fatima and Ali if I have children insha'allah one day I want the first girl and boy to be Mohammad and khadija and than the next two Fatima and Ali hehe

ill let you know when the tag is up on my blog sis mwaa xo