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Friday, May 21, 2010

"Free Speech"

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

So I read this on Lifes Balance Beam 
"When u attack Black people, they call it racism. When u attack Jewish people, they call it anti-semetism. When u attack women, they call it sexism. When u attack homosexuality, they call it intolerance. When u attack ur Country, they call it treason. When u attack a religious sect, they call it hate. But when u attack the Prophet(saw.), they call it freedom of speech! -unknown" 

Then I saw this vid about a French journalist with two different opinions about "free speech"
The problem is the two opinions contradict...
One about Muslims
One about Jews
Both about "free speech".
Check it out

P.S. sorry part of the vid is cut out, couldn't get it any smaller.



Kanwalful said...

Dude I LOVE the quote. It perfectly describes my sentiments!

My Getaway said...

Thanks for sharing this video. It just goes to show how people are against Islam. It's freedom of speech to him when it's something negative about Islam but it's not acceptable and hurtful when it's about Jews?

TiiNyOn3 said...

I loooove that quote.
& the vedio is really gud
loove the ending. "we've passed many anti-semitism laws. I suggest we make one against Islamophobia"
(if i've interpreted it ryt lol)

Wafa' said...

thanks for the video Bubbli.
It's all well-known how you can not criticize a jew in Europe. the problem is that it's the guilty feelings they have and the anti-semtisim's laws that are there. I don't defend them at all. But i can see where they come from.
Hypocricy is everywhere, even here in the Arabic and Islamic world.
The best part is that in the first part another guy was defending and telling how it's not right to upset billions of people in the name of free speech.

Skye said...

Salaams sis
grrrr I hate narrow minded people like this, thanks for showing this video