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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Followers Fever!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Asalamu Alaikum everyone!
I've been wanting to do this post foreverrrrrrr alhamduLilah i finally got to it!
Firstly i would like to say this post was inspired by Rukhpar Mor!

So lets start from the beginning. I started blogging in November 2009, and this is how i started. I was looking for some good websites for muslim teens, and i forgot how exactly but i came across Hegab-Rehab, and was curious. Long story short (hopefully) i started the blog Hijabi Queen, and then began asking all the popular blog owners what they do to get soo many followers! They told me to just comment on other blogs mostly and to follow other blogs, some said they just start coming on there own and that they just blog for fun.

Well i was too but i wanted followers, and i would follow blogs and comment telling them to check out my blog, now don't be judgmental!! lol but i mean when you put as much time designing and perfecting your blog as i did when i started, and started posting, well i really just wanted to feel like i wasnt talking to myself and that there was someone out there who cared, ya know?

And people started reading, and they started following, I was sooooo happy, and i tried too hard, i tried to make my blog how they wanted, how they would like, i paid too much attention to the details of my blog and didnt have fun with it, i only started to really enjoy blogging once i started Bubblez Island, before, well i guess i only enjoyed seeing the numbers increase on the followers list.

After blogging for 5-6 monthes on Hijabi Queen, i was a confused muslima and needed to learn more about my deen! So I left blogging and i asked many questions, read many books,watched many lectures and made soo sooo sooo many duas. AlhamduLilah i can now say i am a Muslima and proud because i am sure that Islam is the truth and i know what i am doing in this world, oh god! off topic... okay. so anyways, I felt better and after some encouraging words from my blogging buddies i came back to the blogosphere! And here I am!

Anywho I wanted to say that I do unfollow some blogs *gasp*, well no, dont we all! its no crime you guys, why do some people get soo upset if you unfollow their blogs? I dont do it to be mean or because this blogger unfollowed my blog, heck no! If i ever unfollow a blog its either because they dont update often, or I dont like the contents. I mean whats they point of following a blog that you will never read, for either of those reasons. Why do people follow blogs anyways?

Recently I read a post on Rukhpar Mor's blog and she asked "Tired of follower hunting?" my answer is yes, well i decided that 2 monthes ago when i started this blog, I promised myself to ignore the followers list, ignore the numbers, and focus on what i am writing. I want to give my best to the world out there, who knows who will be reading this blog, and how it could help them? or hurt them?, words are powerful and they could hurt someone and make them go into depression, or they could make someone feel better and inspire them to do something good, thats why i want to focus on this content of this blog and to try to inspire people to do better. That doesnt mean i dont care about followers, of course i'm flattered when i see that there are people out there who care about what i post so much that they want to keep up with it :) I feel soo great and soo thankful to allah swt when people tell me i inspire them or motivate them to do better, but getting alot of followers isnt why i am blogging. 

AlhamduLilah for the followers i have! AlhamduLilah people like my blog and are inspired by it! Thats all i can ask for really! Blogging has helped me soo much in becoming a better muslima, i've met some of the best people one could ever meet, i've made awsome friends :). AlhamduLilah in the beginning and in the end :)

Okay it feels good to get that out of the way :) I know this post is longggggggggggggg but thats okay =) lol.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Concerns? Compliments?(^_~) lol jk


Falling Up said...

aww well I'm glad you're blogging for you now and not the followers or hits. I like to see the numbers go up and it's nice to know that someone out there likes reading your blog. But you should blog for you and write the way you want to do. it makes the blog better and more meaningful that way.

here and there said...

D.I.T.T.O. ;)

Compliments? hehe okay 1.) I think you're cute 2.) and very mature for your age 3.) I admire your iman and interest in the deen, esp at a young age. If only I was the same when I was a teenager. (actually I'm kind of still a teenager...but only for another few weeks yay).

BubbliMuslima said...

@Falling Up- So True!

@here and there- OH EM GEE! lol thank you, i mean, i was only kidding bout the compliments, but wow *blushing* thanks :) AlhamduLilah.

BubbliMuslima said...

@Anon- I didnt post your comment because its pointless, I am Muslim, and will die Muslim inshAllah! Get outa here!

Ahmed Abdul Azeem(Hamid) said...

lol funny headline~Followers fever.

Amazing fever are coming to my notice these days.
Anyways May Allah cure your fever as early as possible.

liloo said...

wa aleykum salam wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu,
really happy to discover your blog ya ukhty :)
Thx a lot for following mine I'm honored and I appreciate it.
Thx for sharing your feelings with us.
Wsa wr wb


Sole Sister said...

Salam sis,

I think the followers issues is important when you have a blog that you ned feedback from other, BUT, if it's a personal blog then maybe not so much.

I met some nasty "Muslimahs" when I started blogging, and it was like a race for knowledge and being the best Muslimah (in my case convert etc etc). I was very disheartening to be treated badly by other women and worse, other Muslims.

Eventually, I actually left my original blog, because I wanted to start over and I didn't tell mnore than 3 people where I'd moved to.

The point for me is, you can have a few faithful readers who care what's happening in your life or a whole bunch of "followers" who click on a button and never come back.

You say blogging has helped you a lot and I think that's great. That's the point I think, whatever makes you a better Muslimah. Salam alaikum.

Mona Z said...

Good post. I follow the blogs I like. If someone follows me sometimes I check out their blog and sometimes like it. I don't take it as a deal that I have to now follow theirs too. Is that what people do?

Anyway I like your blog and I think you're sweet!

Mona Z said...

Good post. I follow the blogs I like. If someone follows me sometimes I check out their blog and sometimes like it. I don't take it as a deal that I have to now follow theirs too. Is that what people do?

Anyway I like your blog and I think you're sweet!

BubbliMuslima said...

@Hamid-- Ameen bro but i think i'm already doing better.

@liloo- aww ur welcome sis! :)and welcome to Bubblez Island :)

@Sole Sister- aww sis i'm sorry u had to go through that :( and ur right its better too have a few followers who actually care, than a bunch who don't, i hope ur having a better experience this time around :)

@Mona- Ya i do the same as u, and ya some people do get upset if u unfollow them. thanks for the compliments :)

Iffy said...