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Monday, June 7, 2010

In the steps of RasulAllah (saw)-- backbiting, slander, lying, other Muslims.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Allah's messenger (SWS) said"A Muslim has six duties towards another Muslim: when you meet him, salute him; when he invites you, accept it; when he asks your advice, give it to him; when he sneezes and praises Allah say "May Allah have mercy on you"; when he is ill, visit him; and when he dies follow his funeral" [Reported by Muslim]

"Backbiting is to say something about someone they wouldn't like said about them....If what bad you said about them is true, then you have backbited and if it is false then you have slandered them." (MUSLIM)

The Prophet (saw) was sitting with his companions one day and one of them was speaking badly about someone who wasn't there. As the man got up to leave the Prophet (saw) said to him: "Pick Your Teeth!" "But I haven't eaten anything." The man protested. "No" the Prophet (saw) said"YOU HAVE EATEN THE FLESH OF YOUR DEAD BROTHER".

The Prophet (saw) described: "On the night of mirage I passed by some people who had metal hooks in their hands and were clawing at their faces and their necks with them. I asked Gabriel 'Who were these people?' He said 'These are the people who eat the flesh of human beings and disgrace them' (Abu Dawud).

The Prophet (saw) said that "Abusing a Muslim is a sin and fighting with him is disbelief." (MUSLIM).

A man came to the Prophet (saw) one day and said "Advise me". The prophet (saw) said "Don't become angry. Don't become angry. Don't become angry"....

The Prophet (saw) was once asked "Can a Muslim be a coward?" He (saw) replied "Yes." and then asked "Can a Muslim be a miser?" and the reply was "Yes." The Prophet (saw) was then asked "Can a Muslim be a liar?" The Prophet (saw) replied "NO! A Muslim can never be a liar".

"Truth leads to virtue and virtue leads to paradise...Lying leads to wickedness and wickedness leads to the hellfire." (Bukhari)

 The Prophet (saw) said "When a person gets up in the morning, all the parts of his body make a plea to his tongue saying; 'Fear Allah regarding us, because we follow you. If you are right then we shall also be right , and if you are wrong then we shall also be wrong." (Tirmidhi)

The Prophet (saw) said "Whoever can guarantee me two things I can guarantee them Paradise." The companions asked "What O Messenger of Allah?" He replied "What is between his jaws (his tongue) and his legs (private parts)." (Bukhari)

Ayesha (RA) the Prophet's wife described the Prophets conduct as follows "He was neither a obscene talker nor a user of bad words. He did not shout nor did he repay evil with evil. He used to forgive people and overlook their sins." (Tirmidhi)

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said"Whoever believes in Allah and the Last day, LET HIM EITHER SPEAK GOOD OR KEEP SILENT"


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Subhanallah!!!! Jazakillah for sharing these hadiths!! =) Btw, where did you get these fromm? =)

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M93-- wa jazaki habibti, well i have a Sahih Al Bukhair book, and every time i come across a hadith like this i save it on my pc, and also when i read these online i save them and when i had a good amount i wanted to share :)

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